In 2006, EyeBrazil started as a blog (Alledaags Brazilië = Everyday Brazil) linked to the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’. More than half a million visitors have visited the pages full of information about Brazilian culture and news items. Including articles concerning economics, politics, sports (including the Brazilian soccer competition).

Another main topic is travel. Personal travel experiences are mixed with information obtained from official tourism sources and with photographs taken during the travels. Complete travel coverage  of Salvador, Florianópolis, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Maceió, São Luís, and Recife are found here.

‘Brazilian Days’  is a main topic in preparation. Of each day, the reader will be informed what is celebrated or remembered that day, and what had happened in Brazil in that day, in its past. The topics are richly illustrated with photographs, images, and informative videos.

Another wordpress blog is Adriano Antoine. (www.adrianoantoine.wordpress.com), with a selection of photographs telling stories about Brazil and beyond. In the near future, this blog will contain links to the website http://www.adrianoantoine.com, with a lot more photographs, and offering the visitor opportunities to purchase the photographs in their original settings and dimensions.

EyeBrazil.com is THE site for actual and elaborate information about Brazil: the states, the cities, the upcoming events. EyeBrazil is your reference guide for your visit to Brazil.

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